BTP 6.05 Teacher as Inquirer

Candidate Teachers will critically reflect on how they have implemented the Teaching as Inquiry process across the Year 2 programme; they will illustrate the ways in which they have developed their teacher identity and dispositions, have acted ethically and have raised learner achievement.

Noho Marae in September.

One assessment which is a 20 minute presentation in front of a Principal, an MT and TE.

What is the Teaching as Inquiry process?

How have I developed my teacher identity and dispositions?

Examples of ways I have acted ethically.

Ways I have raised learner achievement.

How can I create an interesting 20 minute presentation? What are features I can incorporate?

4 key elements:

  • improving learner outcome

  • identify how children learn and make a conscious effort to help them achieve

  • developing as a teacher

  • process

  • practicing ethically

  • determined by agreement

  • represented as a framework we agree to work

  • an intellectual decision to make choices to behave at a higher standard than you might in a social environment

  • boundaries we use to guide what we are doing

  • reflecting critically

  • geared towards the concept of change

  • sense of movement/dynamism

Relationship between Theory and Practice

Theory - how you relate + Practice - what you do about it