Poipoia te kanano kai puawai

Nurture the seed and it will blossom

Teacher Identity

Illustrate their personal-professional development by examining and critiquing their own development of teacher identity, beliefs and dispositions, ethical practices and actions focussed on improving learner outcomes

· Clear illustration of development as a teacher over time with reference to a variety of specific examples throughout.

· Illustrates and reflects on examples of practising ethically within own teaching practice identifies implications for own future teaching practice.

Critical Reflection

Critically reflect on the implementation of the Teaching as Inquiry process to improve learning

· Presents a variety of relevant examples from own teaching practice to reflect on the challenges of improving student learning whilst implementing Teaching as Inquiry.

Presents a variety of robust and justified examples of how assessment data was utilised to appropriately inform learning and the selection of teaching strategies.

Theory & Practice

Synthesise their theoretical and practical understandings of teaching in primary classrooms

  • Consistent annotation of artefacts to show strong links between theory and practice.

  • Consistent and robust identification and justification of own effective teaching practices in primary classrooms.


Critically reflect upon their developing educational philosophy and the influences that have helped inform that philosophy

  • Critical reflections show strongly evidenced links between teaching practice and broader educational policy and/or current social and political climate of Aotearoa, New Zealand

  • Influences on developing philosophy from specific incidents, theory, practice and other sources are rich and explicit.


Quality of Presentation

  • Oral presentation shows outstanding presence in delivery, including appropriate body language, eye contact, and use of voice.

  • Persuasive and substantive oral presentation supported by relevant artefacts, within succinct audio/visual presentation.