Learning starts with curiosity. 

I need to create opportunities to engage student curiosity. I need to observe my students and reflect on how, what, why, I teach. I also need to provide motivation for my students to use agency.

I think curiosity comes first. Teaching is what happens when curiosity is encouraged. Life creates opportunities to learn, however, there are lessons the student needs to learn that their everyday environment doesn't provide and the teacher can create opportunities for this particular learning in a controlled environment.

Yes, teaching is necessary. As we are social creatures we need interaction/communication for our development. There are many things we can learn by ourselves however study of the brain shows us that there are specific areas where information is processed and we need someone to guide us to navigate through our thoughts and sharing them (decoding and encoding). Teaching is part of learning - as a teacher I will be fun and embrace curiosity in my students and myself.

We will learn together.


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